Digimon Season 3 Downloads

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Other Episode Sounds:

Episode 1: "Guilmon Comes Alive"
"I created a digimon, and now he's going to blast me"
Takato draws a digimon
Takato talks about his dream
Henry's sister sees the light

Episode 2: "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"
Takato sneaks Gillmon into his house
Ruki Digi-Modifies
Davis the announcer
Episode 1: "Guilmon Comes Alive" (9/1/2001)
"Hello Cardboard Box"
Takato meets Henry and Terriermon
Culumon meets the kissing people

Episode 3: "To Fight, or Not to Fight"
Episode 2: "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere" (9/1/2001)
Terriermon digivolve to Gargomon
Terriermon and Henry at home
Henry intervenes in the Battle
Digi-Modify, armour
Terriermon and Guilmon play

Episode 4: "It Came From the Other Side"
Henry gets his blue card
Guilmon and Terriermon make a great combo
Takato draws a digivolved Guilmon
Episode 3: "To Fight, or Not to Fight" (9/8/2001)
Henry uses a bunch of Modify cards on Terriermon
Henry gets a gift from dad
Digi-Modify, Trainning Grips

Episode 5: "Dream a Little Dream"
Takato finds Calumon
Episode 4: "It Came From the Other Side" (9/8/2001)
There are holes in the field now...
Jeri as Calumon's Tamer
Kazu as Calumon's Tamer
Calumon finds a lock on the door
Calumon and Guilmon find locks on the door
Digi-Modify, Hyper Wing
Digi-Modify, Speed
Digi-Modify, Clone
Guilmon meets the rabbit
Ruki sees Calumon
Calumon dreams about playing soccer
Suzie as Calumon's Tamer
School kids theorize about the chalk lines

Episode 6: "Oh Partner, Where Art Thou?"
Episode 5: "Dream a Little Dream" (9/14/2001)
Impmon talks with Renamon
Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon
Digi-Modify, Agumon Frozen Wings
Digi-Modify, Hyper Chip
Digi-Modify, Snimon Twin Sicles
Guilmon looses at Paper, Rock, Scissors all the time

Episode 7: "Now You See it, Now You Don't"
Guilmon's dreams...
Episode 6: "Oh Partner, Where Art Thou?" (9/14/2001)
They found Guilmon
Does Culumon have a home?
Yamaki explains the Hypno system
Takato, lover boy?
Takato phones Henry
Professor Terriermon
Thanks for helping...
It's the underground tunnel

Episode 8: "A Matter of Trust"
Why Guilmon buries his food
Drawing Growlmon...
Episode 7: "Now You See it, Now You Don't" (9/18/2001)
A tactical error
It isn't happenning!
Guilmon digivolve to Growlmon
Impmon talks to Guilmon
Henry and Takato talk about "the kid"
Takato meets the police
Guilmon, the red terror!

Episode 9: "Not As Seen on TV"
Why won't anyone answer Terriermon?
Takato is taking all the old bread...
Why are girls crazy?
Boys and their dolls...
Episode 8: "A Matter of Trust" (9/19/2001)
Terriermon searches for Growlmon
Juri thinks Takato is having girl troublem and that she's the girl he loves
Takato asks Juri for help
Growlmon makes a house call
Digi-Modify, Digivolution deactivate
Terriermon wants to paint Growlmon like a rainbow
Hide Growlmon in the tunnel

Episode 10: "The Icemon Cometh"
Episode 9: "Not As Seen on TV" (9/20/2001)
Guilmon digivolve to Growlmon
IceDevimon and Rika talk
A good idea
Digi-Modify, Heat
Digi-Modify, Expansion
Digi-Modify, Speed
Digi-Modify, Hyper Wing
Rika and Calumon meet Ms. Nonaka
Impmon watches Terriermon and Henry Reading
Henry and Terriermon's relationship is different...
Henry teaches Takato strategy
Don't "touch" Impmon

Episode 11: "Much Ado About Musyamon"
Henry thinks while in the tub
Episode 10: "The Icemon Cometh" (9/21/2001)
Terriermon digivolve to Gargomon
Calumon, the Happy pest
Real life experiance is good...
Digi-Modify, Hyper-Sonic
Digi-Modify, Mega-PyroSphere
Digi-Modify, Hyper Wing
Digi-Modify, Hyper-Sonic (Henry)
Let's move before we're noticed
Terriermon is tortured, Henry goes to get more milk
Terriermon gives his opinion of Suzie
Guilmon's sneeze terrifies Takato's friends

Episode 12: "Divided They Stand"
Rika's D-Arc Reacts
Episode 11: "Much Ado About Musyamon" (9/24/2001)
Takato is honest with Guilmon, Yamaki talks
Jeri meets Guilmon
Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon
Henry and Renamon talk, Terriermon and Calumon do Tai-Chi
Renamon wins without Rika
Yamaki confronts Henry and Takato

Episode 13: "Juggernaut"
Calumon in the Hypno base
Guilmon won't change
Takato digivolve to MegaTakatomon
Episode 11: "Divided They Stand" (10/4/2001)
Artificial life programs
A man approaches Mr. Wong
Digi-Modify, MetalGarurumon Blaster
It's Princess Pretty Pants
Suzie will "Rescue" Terriermon
Teachers get no respect
Juggernaut system activated

Episode 14: "Grow Mon, Grow"
Breach Imminent
Episode 13: "Juggernaut" (10/5/2001)
Takato fainted?
Guilmon digivolve to Growlmon
Digi-Modify, Digivolution + Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon
Digi-Modify, Digivolution + Terriermon digivolve to Gargomon
Digi-Modify, Matrix Digivolution + Growlmon matrix digivolve to WarGrowlmon
Humans will serve the digimon
Growlmon and Takato talk in the other world

Episode 15: "Snakes, Trains, And Digimon"
It's only Calumon...
The Devas...
Episode 14: "Grow Mon, Grow" (10/22/2001)
Digi-Modify, Digivolution -Rika
Digi-Modify, WarGreymon's Brave Shield
Digi-Modify, Hyper Speed
Digi-Modify, Digmon's Drill
Digi-Modify, Digivolution -Takato
Digi-Modify, Power
The Official Tamers...
Takato phones Henry
Phone Takato, Lee!
Lee phones the Matsuki's
Henry the kidnapper!

Episode 16: "Back to Nature, Back to Battle"
Calumon's on the bus
Pretty... When do we ear?
Episode 15: "Snakes, Trains, And Digimon" (10/23/2001)
Calling Nurse Suzie
Digi-Modify, Digivolution + Digivolution
It's the Owl...
Playing at the lake
Positron Pulse
Elementary my dear Takato
Kenta sings on the bus

Episode 17: "Duel with the Deva"
Henry's card becomes a blue card
Mr. Wong encounters a digimon
Episode 16: "Back to Nature, Back to Battle" (11/1/2001)
Digi-Modify, Thor's Hammer, Crystal Fire
Digi-Modify, Hyper Speed
Digi-Modify, Rock Armour
Digi-Modify, Program Pause
Digi-Modify, Matrix Digivolution
Pajiramon, Vajiramon
Are you going to digivolve?
The Artificial Life program
Gargomon digivolve to Rapidmon
The Artificial Life program 2 (Shibumi)

Episode 18: "Digital Beauty"
The Deva is back...
Episode 17: "Duel with the Deva" (11/3/2001)
Digi-Modify, Power
Digi-Modify, Hyper Speed, Energy
Digi-Modify, Power
Digi-Modify, Matrix Digivolution
Photo Shoot

Episode 19: "Impmon's Last Stand"
Henry gets info on the Devas
Episode 18: "Digital Beauty" (11/10/2001)
Is there something on Takato's mind? Calumon shows up
Digi-Modify, Digivolution + 3x Digivolution

Episode 20: "Out Of The Blue"
Guilmon bread...
Episode 19: "Impmon's Last Stand" (11/10/2001)
Rika has a heart...
Digi-Modify, Power
Digi-Modify, Recharge
Digi-Modify, Strength
Digi-Modify, Hyper Speed
Digi-Modify, Power (2)
Digi-Modify, Hyper Speed (2)
Digi-Modify, Energy
Digi-Modify, Matrix Digivolution + Digivolution

Episode 21: "Jeri's Quest"
Juri gives Calumon a bun
Calumon; a self analysis
Episode 20: "Out Of The Blue" (11/17/2001)
Terriermon digivolve to Gargomon (Version 2)
Get him Calumon
Digi-Modify, Juri's failled attemps
Digi-modify, Digivolution
Takato phones Henry and Rika

Episode 22: "The Boar Wars"
Episode 21: "Jeri's Quest" (11/17/2001)
Henry is mean to his sister
Digi-Modify, Digivolution + Digivolution x3
Digi-Modify, Matrix Digivolution + Matrix Digivolution x3
Juggernaut is activated!! Noooooooo!!
Rika's mom on the phone...
Earthquake report
Wish... Blue cards appear
The chinese zodiac. The Devas!!!

Episode 23: "A World Apart"
Deva's new goal
The Tamers must goto the digital world
It's Super Saiyan Takato... No he's just sharing evergy with WarGrowlmon
Episode 22: "The Boar Wars" (11/24/2001)
Henry's dad escapes the Hypno base
Juri gets her D-Power
Leomon to the rescue... Not
Digi-Modify, Radiant Faith
That was a scream... Calumon is kidnaped

Episode 24: "The Journey Begins"
The new banner
Guilmon bread...
Saying bye to the teacher in writting
Detentions for all
Henry's dad wants to see Henry's Digivice
Episode 23: "A World Apart" (12/1/2001)
Takato's mom freaks
Terriermon is a "Lean Mean Digi-Machine"
The Tamers leave for the digital world

Episode 25: "Brave New Digital World"
Episode 24: "The Journey Begins" (12/8/2001)
Calumon meets the Digi-Gnomes
Makuramon looses Calumon
Photo Shoot, Vacation photos
Henry uses big science words